Job Description


Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Ref No: KoTDA/HR57/2023
Grade: 1

Job Purpose
The purpose of this job is to provide overall strategic and visionary leadership to develop Konza Technopolis as a globally competitive smart city that is capable of attracting global investments that drive attainment of Kenya’s Vision 2030. The job holder also spearheads development of physical and technological infrastructure from a greenfield to a fully developed smart city that meets international standards, drives knowledge economy while contributing at least 2% of Kenya’s GDP. Further, the job holder is expected to lead in collaboration with all government, regional and international agencies in the mobilization of resources and development of the Technopolis creating an enabling environment through utilization of ICT and innovation for socio-economic development of Kenya.

Reporting Mechanism
The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board

Job Specification
Key Managerial Duties & Responsibilities

i. Provide leadership in development and implementation of Strategies and Plans to ensure Konza Technopolis is established to global Smart City Standards and is economically positioned as envisaged in the Vision 2030 Blueprint, SDGs and other Global development standards for smart and sustainable cities.
ii. Provide leadership in the development of enablers for the establishment of the knowledge economy where knowledge and information is the key driver of productivity.
iii. Oversees the development and implementation of the overall Konza Technopolis Masterplan, urban development and buffer zone planning in liaison with National and County Governments.
iv. Oversees the formulation, development, implementation and enforcement of city bylaws.
v. Spearhead in development and implementation of strategies to create high value, globally competitive jobs and attract both local, regional and international investments to the Technopolis to facilitate economic growth of the country into middle income economy.
vi. Provide strategic Leadership in the initiating, planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of Konza Technopolis integrated infrastructure aimed at creating a world class sustainable smart city.
vii. Provide overall visionary leadership in the development and implementation of an internationally recognised strong Konza Technopolis brand that attracts and promotes investments, drives the knowledge economy and innovation ecosystem and contributes towards the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic blueprint.
viii. Represent Konza Technopolis at strategic local regional and international fora on investments, resource mobilisation and other strategic decision-making opportunities for the benefit of the Authority’s interests and the People of Kenya.
ix. Provides overall strategic leadership for efficient, effective and economic mobilisation and management of financial resources, human capital and capital assets for optimum and sustainable development of the Technopolis.
x. Provides strategic leadership in coordinating various studies within the Technopolis so that human, land, energy, water and other resources are utilized to improve quality of lives, greater efficiency for better public services and sustainable development.
xi. Provides technical guidance and support to the Board of Directors on matters of Governance and compliance within the Authority.
xii. Advise the government on all matters relating to implementation of Konza Technopolis Development Authority Order 2012.
xiii. Foster a conducive corporate culture that promotes strong ethical practices and good governance as required by the Constitution and Mwongozo Code of Governance.
xiv. Oversees the development of business plans and annual budgets and establish proper internal monitoring and control systems and procedures; and recommend to the Board.
xv. Oversees the formulation, development and implementation of the institutional corporate policies.
xvi. Provides strategic leadership in monitoring and evaluating design, execution and performance of planned projects to improve performance, establish responsibility and improve planning.
xvii. Provides strategic leadership in establishing construction of any works necessary for the protection and preservation of natural resources within the Technopolis.
xviii. Create linkages between the local, national and international governments, private sector including but not limited to specialized smart cities, science parks and areas of innovations and economic zone agencies at global, regional and local level on matters of development of the Technopolis with a view to maximizing resource utilization and benefits to the people of Kenya.
xix. Provides strategic leadership on overall management of supply chain functions.

Operational Responsibilities
i. Establish proper internal monitoring and control systems and procedures to enhance compliance, transparency and accountability.
ii. Maintain a conducive work environment that promotes creativity and innovation.
iii. Manage relationships and maintain business networks with stakeholders.

Job Dimensions
Financial Responsibility

i. The accounting officer mobilizes resources and has authority to incur expenditures of over Kshs.16 billion annually.
ii. Collection of revenues.
iii. Approves all workplans, procurement plan, budget and expenditures.
iv. Submission of budget, financial reports and performance reports to the Board for approval.

Personal Specification
For appointment to this grade a candidate must have: -

i. Master’s degree in ICT, Engineering, Social Sciences or related field from a recognized University
ii. Bachelor’s Degree in ICT, Engineering, Social Sciences or related field from a recognized University
iii. Relevant Professional Qualifications
iv. Member of relevant professional body in good standing.
v. Leadership course lasting not less than four (4) weeks from a recognized institution.
vi. A Minimum of fifteen (15) years relevant work experience and at least five (5) in a senior management role in the Public Service or Private Sector
vii. Meets the provisions of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Key Competencies & Skills
Functional Skills.

i. Leadership Skills
ii. Negotiation Skills
iii. Mobilization Skills
iv. Conceptual Thinking and Problem Solving
v. Fosters Accountability Culture
vi. Analytical skills
vii. Change Management
viii. Coaching and mentoring

Behavioral Competencies
i. Building Relationships
ii. Learning Orientation
iii. Communicating with impact
iv. Drive for Result
v. Foster Innovation
vi. Strategic Perspective
vii. Managing Risk
viii. Business Acumen


Preferred qualifications

  • Post Graduate/Masters
  • Technology
  • Masters in Computer Application(MCA)
  • CCNA