Job Description

Key Accountabilities:

Your role as the Environmental Manager will ensure efficient management of the company’s environmental portfolio through measuring, reducing, offsetting and monitoring our operations and its impact to the environment.

Your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Shall develop, implement and maintain an environmental Management System that meets the organizational environmental objectives;
  • Shall establish an environmental policy which provides a vision and framework for environmental management within the organization;
  • Shall identify the organization’s environmental KPIs to calculate measure and visualize the effectiveness and the efficiency of our operations;
  • Shall develop and maintain the Environmental Management System Manual (EMS manual);
  • Shall assess the company’s environmental impact and develop specific objectives, targets and programs to reduce harm;
  • Shall develop an incident and accident reporting system for all personnel on all matters EMS;
  • Shall investigate root cause of all environmental incidents or accidents and develop appropriate mitigations measures to ensure non-recurrence;
  • Shall implement corrective and preventive actions identified by Quality and Safety investigations or other internal reporting mechanisms are undertaken within the agreed time frame or as stipulated in the laid down procedures;
  • Shall assess and monitor the company’s environmental performance and effectiveness of management system elements;
  • Shall implement systematic measures to control operations and reduce environmental impacts across all levels and functions of our operations;
  • Shall periodically evaluate the data from the EMS system to establish any trends and implement immediate/short or long term to ensure the risk to the environment is mitigated;
  • Shall facilitate training and awareness of personnel within the organization on environmental protection;
  • Shall liaise with the Flight operations, maintenance and/or any other applicable departments on matters relating to the environment;
  • Shall ensure that expert technical consultation and support is provided to other departments as required on matters relating to the environment;
  • Shall report monthly on the day-to-day functions of the department;
  • Shall constitute a monthly, quarterly and annual review board attended by the executive management to report trends and the performance of the EMS program.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Aircraft Performance Specific Certificate, Aircraft Performance Software Certificate, Flight Planning, Project Management Certificate or any related field is desirable;
  • Knowledge and understanding in aircraft performance, Navigation, Operational Manual, Risk Assessment, Aeronautical Information Publications and computerized flight planning systems;
  • Mature individual that has experience to manage a diverse workforce with good interpersonal and social skills;
  • Knowledge in use of computers and Microsoft Office Management packages;
  • Proficiency in English (written and spoken) and good report writing skills;
  • Excellent leadership skills, good listener and great problem-solving skills;
  • Sound knowledge of ICAO CORSIA requirements;
  • Ability to Lead, Motivate and Coordinate Team Work and Efforts;
  • Developed problem solving, decision making skills, integrity, discretion, confidentiality and professionalism;
  • Excellent communication skills, interpersonal and organizational skills with a natural flair for hospitality.

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science or equivalent in the related field.
  2. A minimum of 2 years’ experience in the aviation industry preferably in a similar capacity.

Preferred qualifications

  • Undergraduate
  • Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering(B.E,B.Eng)
  • CISBE - Member
  • 3-5 years of Experince in prefered industry