Job Description

NB: Kindly note Interested applicants should send their Applications to [email protected]

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Oversees all the operations of Legal division to ensure the efficient and effective management of staff and resources to achieve departmental objectives;
  2. Leads and coordinates the development of relevant smart city legislations, regulations, by-laws and policies to safeguard the interest of the Authority;
  3. Oversights the formulation, implementation and review of the Authority and the legal division’s legal strategies and guidelines to meet the required smart city legal framework in comparison with global smart cities;
  4. Leads and coordinates the preparation, review and implementation of the Authority’s legal agreements and instruments regarding smart city infrastructure development and management and agreements with service providers to ensure that the Authority’s interests are protected and also safeguard the Authority from legal risks;
  5. Manages the drafting, vetting and execution of all conveyancing instruments to ensure perfection of documentation and transfer of leasehold interests to investors at Konza Technopolis and protection of Authority’s land property rights;
  6. Leads the development of strategies for dispute management and overseeing litigation management and application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in dispute resolution with third parties;
  7. Directs and leads research on smart city management and emerging global legal issues affecting the Smart Cities and Konza Technopolis for sustainable development;
  8. Provides legal advice to the Authority with regard to laws relating to technology deployment, data rights and privacy law at Konza Technopolis, contracts, dispute resolution, procurement, intellectual property rights and compliance to applicable laws
  9. Leads the Gazettement of the Konza Technopolis codes, standards, and guidelines in liaison with relevant government agencies
  10. Oversees the registration and protection the Authority’s intellectual property rights;
  11. Oversees legal compliance and Governance audits and ensuring that recommendations therefrom are implemented;
  12. Oversees legal due diligence, where necessary, on customers, contractors, suppliers before they enter into dealings with the Authority;
  13. Oversees the performance management in the department by setting, monitoring and evaluating performance targets for staff in the division in line with the Strategic Plan and Performance Contract with the government; and
  14. Leads, coaches and mentors the team creating an environment that promotes creativity, innovations and maximises the potential of the team.
  15. Establish and ensure implementation of an effective smart city legal and compliance framework/procedure at the Authority;
  16. Advises the Authority with regard to contracts, dispute resolution, compliance, procurement along with other areas of potential risks to the Authority;
  17. Develops and implements the departmental work plan and budget in line with the overall strategic objectives and government performance contract;
  18. Ensures timely release of legal advice to assist the Authority in making an informed decision;
  19. Ensures timely compliance with laws, regulations and policies by the Authority;
  20. Assists the Corporation Secretary on Board Secretarial matters;
  21. Prepares and present performance reports for the Division;
  22. Ensures Division’s compliance with the relevant ISO standards and procedures;
  23. Prepares Departmental board papers on legal matters;
  24. Identifies training needs for the departmental staff;
  25. Participates in the recruitment of staff within the department;
  26. Identifies procurement needs of the department, and
  27. Participates in various committees of the Authority.

For appointment to this grade a candidate must have: -

  1. A minimum of ten (10) years in relevant work experience and at least three (3) years in supervisory role in the Public or Private Sector
  2. Master’s degree in any of the following disciplines; Law, Business Administration, Public Administration, or equivalent qualifications from a recognized
  3. Bachelor of Laws degree from a recognized institution; and 
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies from the Kenya School of Law;
  5.  Admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with current practicing certificate; and
  6. Management Course lasting not less than four (4) weeks from a recognized institution.

Preferred qualifications

  • Post Graduate/Masters
  • Law
  • Masters in Law
  • Certified Secretary CS(K)
  • 10-15 years of Experince in prefered industry