Job Description

NB: Kindly note Interested applicants should send their Applications to [email protected]

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Carrying out periodic surveys at Konza Technopolis;
  2. Casting ground beacons to Konza Technopolis parcels;
  3. Developing digital parcel demarcations for Konza Technopolis;
  4. Producing Ground surveys of Konza Technopolis master plans;
  5. Developing GIS Mapping, interpretation, and parcel data analysis;
  6. Developing deed plans for each parcel at Konza Technopolis;
  7. Identifying physical location of parcels at Konza Technopolis for investors;
  8. Providing survey periodical reports;
  9. Carries out testing and calibration of surveying equipment;
  10. Liaising with Corporation departments, governments Agencies, and private entities in carrying out survey functions; and
  11. Collating data for maintaining the survey repository.

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: -

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Survey, photogrammetry and remote sensing; Geospatial Engineering; Geomatics Engineering or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

Preferred qualifications

  • Undergraduate
  • Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering(B.E,B.Eng)
  • CISBE - Member
  • Less than a year of Experince in prefered industry