Job Description

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Providing Company Secretarial services to the Board;
  2. Preparing Minutes of the Board in a timely manner and ensuring their circulation;
  3. Keeping custody of the records of the Board and the preservation of original documents;
  4. Interpreting and advising the Authority on all matters relating to the law;
  5. Overseeing the formulation, implementation, and review of the Authority’s guidelines;
  6. Overseeing the design and implementation and review of legal agreements and contracts in liaison with relevant departments, divisions, and units; ensuring that the Authority complies with statutory and other regulatory requirements;
  7. Liaising with the Attorney General on all litigations matters; issuing instructions to agreement and contract defaulters;
  8. Carrying out investigation on legal issues affecting the Authority;
  9. Overseeing the preparation of legal opinions on matters relating to legal notices;
  10. Preparing and maintaining proper records of Board's proceedings;
  11. Overseeing the drafting and vetting of contracts;
  12. Custodian of Authority’s seal and security documents including title documents; and;
  13. Overseeing research on emerging legal issues.

For appointment to this grade a candidate must have: -

  1. A minimum period of twelve (12) years relevant work experience three (3) years of which should be in a management position.
  2. Bachelor of Laws degree from a recognized institution;
  3. Masters Degree in any of the following disciplines; Law, Business Administration, Public Administration, or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution;
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies from the Kenya School of Law;
  5. Be an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, member of Law Society of Kenya (LSK), and have a valid practicing certificate;
  6. Be a Certified Secretary CS(K) and be a member in good standing of the Institute of Certified Secretaries of Kenya (ICSK);
  7. Management course lasting not less than four (4) weeks from a recognized institution.
  8. Proficiency in computer applications;
  9. Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six of the constitution; and
  10. Demonstrated competence in work performance.


Preferred qualifications

  • Post Graduate/Masters
  • Law
  • Masters in Law
  • Certified Secretary CS(K)
  • 10-15 years of Experince in prefered industry