Company Profile

Human Capital Business Solutions is a dully registered Kenya company whose mission to provide a full range of management consultancy services in the areas of human resources management, business development, information management and financial systems. We have carried out specialized assignments for a large telecommunications company and we have a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel and a number of professional associates, who can be called upon at short notice.

Our Expertise

Our technical expertise is complimented by strengths that include:

 A strong focus on delivering results

 A proven ability to work from your point of view, and in this manner, harnesses the extensive knowledge and skills that exist in your organization,We are thus able to deliver home-grown solutions and build the capacity of in-house personnel to independently undertake similar assignments in the future.

 A keen understanding of the market place, acquired through employment and the execution of consultancy assignments.

Our Approach

Our approach is to optimize the quality and efficiency of both human and management systems that are available in your organization. We work alongside your staff to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current management systems, suggest improvements and assess the capacity of your staff.

Our Services

Human Resources And Business Management Services

 Industrial Relations Advisory Services

 Job Evaluation &Job Grading, salary structure Development

 Organization Development

 Business and operational Reviews

 Staff Training & Development

 Training Evaluation

 Policies& Procedures Development

 Succession Planning

 Performance Management

 Provision of Labour Services

 Surveys