Our team is a group of HR professionals who have built a strong reputation within the human resource community nationally. HR Personnel Services has a strong reputation as a client-focused executive search firm for HR business staffing. With a commitment to service excellence, it is always our top priority to exceed the hiring expectations of our clients nationwide. Our main objective is to reduce your time consuming recruiting process so you can focus on strategic business processes. We fill your HR recruitment needs with the finest talent in an efficient and timely manner.

Our technical expertise is complimented by strengths that include:

  • A strong focus on delivering results
  • A proven ability to work from your point of view, and in this manner, harnesses the extensive knowledge and skills that exist in your organization. We are thus able to deliver home-grown solutions and build the capacity of in-house personnel to independently undertake similar assignments in the future.
  • A keen understanding of the market place, acquired through employment and the execution of consultancy assignments.

The company has also in place associate consultants from diverse backgrounds. Each of the consultants bring on board years of experience in their areas of expertise.

We also have established partnerships with local training institutions so as to accommodate large numbers of participants at any given time, apart from the associate consultants who we call upon when need arises.