Industrial Relations Advisory Services We provide industrial relations advisory services to our clients. Such advice covers union relationship management, the handling of disputes relating to labour relations and CBA negotiations.





Job Evaluation &Job Grading, salary structure Development




We carry out job evaluation and grading exercises to meet the specific needs of our clients.   As part of this exercise, individual jobs are analyzed and job descriptions outlined. If the exercise is to be undertaken using a committee, committee members are trained prior to the start of the exercise. A salary structure is then prepared.


Organization Development We offer services in this broad area of work that entails working with organizations to help them overcome a variety of problems resulting from changes. The activities undertaken as part of this process include: strategic planning, restructuring introducing new work systems, setting new work standards, etc.   The thrust of these activities is diagnostic and the recommendations made are dependent on the specific needs of the organization.


The objective of these activities is to help the organization come to terms with changes/developments in the market place and put in place the changes needed to ensure its success.


Business and operational Reviews Our business review activities focus on a review of organization structure and internal operational arrangements.


Such reviews often lead to restructuring activities that are aimed at bringing changes in communication lines and a review of skills benchmarks. Such benchmarks are then used to assess the suitability of individual employees and to identify those who are best suited for the positions that are available in the organization. They may also be used to help identify training gaps.

Operations are also reviewed against the stipulated business goals/targets and changes are recommended. If required, job descriptions are then prepared for all positions available in the new structure.



Staff Training & Development or

Capacity Building
















Training Evaluation


Staff training and development is an essential activity in any organization. The rapidly changing environment in which we operate demands that organizations reassess their skills needs on a regular basis, assess their staff against these needs and draw up suitable training and development plans.



Our role in this respect involves working in close collaboration with organizations to help them identify their training needs. This process is normally preceded by a performance appraisal process together with a review of the operational plans.


Depending on the special needs of the organization, training may be recommended on an in-house basis – special training programmes being drawn up as needed. Alternatively individual employees may be recommended to training programmes being drawn up as needed.


We carry out training evaluations on training modules as well as after training evaluation to assess if the training delivered the intended objectives.


Policies& Procedures Development We will work with you to develop policies, and procedures necessary to ensure adherence to these policies. These are then presented in a manual.


Succession Planning Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to put in place proper succession planning programmes. The objective is to help ensure that the organization has the capacity to fill vacancies that arise from time to time, from within.


The development of an effective succession planning programmes calls for the development of a clear organization structure which is then followed by a review of future business plans to establish staffing requirements, in terms of both skills and numbers. Individual employees are then assessed to determine their capacity to take on more responsible positions in the organization. Any skills gaps identified in the process that can be fixed through training and then embodied in the training plan.


It is common for the succession planning process to identify future vacancies for which there are no suitable internal candidates. In such cases, a recruitment plan would be developed.


Performance Management









Provision of

Labour Services










We have the experience to develop or review performance management systems. Such systems are useful in assessing the performance of individual employees, setting future goals, identifying career development needs and skills shortfalls, which are subsequently addressed through training.


Once the system is developed, employees are then trained in using it. Managers and supervisors may also be given training/support in objective setting and in the identification of training needs.


We provide labour services to companies to perform duties in their companies as a service provider the employees are the employees of the service provider and we are responsible and liable for payment of salaries and other emoluments.


We do survey for Companies in areas of assessing Employee turnover, Customer satisfaction with the services an organization is offering, Measuring employee’s satisfaction, attitude and motivation in a Company.